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Cryptocurrency tokens - what it is in simple words

If to say what a token is in simple words, it is a unit of account that is used to display the trade balance of digital assets. It is inextricably linked with ICO – projects to raise money in the project. The essence of ICO is that companies that have released a new product advertise it by distributing tokens for free. Initially, the cost of coins is meager, but with the popularity and awareness of the project, the rate of cryptocurrency is growing. Remunerated users can earn good money. Token is a certain receipt from the creators of ICO, in which the authors undertake to provide the user with a product or service.

Blockchain and mining

At present, blockchain is an innovative technology and to a greater degree is still being tested in various fields of activity. Apply technology will gradually begin as small startups, and large corporations. The rapid pace of development of the system promises widespread worldwide in the coming years.

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